About Jolin Food Box Inc  

This program is designed to provide families with nationally branded food products at wholesale prices. The products in this food box include a balanced variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items prepackaged in our temperature controlled warehouse.  We are offering these boxes at wholesale prices thus enabling folks to save money without compromising quality of life.

For twenty plus years, we have been supplying the retail food stores with quality frozen, grocery and refrigerated foods. Through this outreach program, we are able to pass the savings directly to you. We are partnering with local communities such as non-profit organizations, churches, senior centers, housing projects, and PBA's. These organizations may offer these food boxes as an outreach program in order to help folks in their community beat the economic recession. We are committed to helping these organizations with our expertise and resources in providing quality foods such as meats, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, and dessert items at wholesale prices. Our commitment of caring, integrity and dependability are our top priorities.  


Jolin Food Box Inc.